[Android Review] – QBeat for Android

QBeat - Music/Rhythm game for android
Cost: Free
Availability: Android Market

Tested on: ASUS Eee Pad Transformer [Android 3.2]

While looking for some music/rythym games to try out on my tablet, i found this little game on the Android Market. It wasn’t the J/Ubeat game i was originally looking for but did help pass a few minutes.

The whole game is based around the Puella Magi Madoka Magica series and features QB/Kyubei, one of the main characters in the series. To anyone who’s seen the anime, they would already know that QB is a hateful, deceitful little creature despite his cute & cuddly facade, whose only purpose is to cause despair and death wherever he goes. This game gives you the chance to repeatedly poke him in the face, kind of like a wack-a-mole game, but doing it in time to the music.

And, that’s the main goal of the game, poke QB again and again until the game finishes. There is only one song in this game, an orchestral arrangement of the opening theme from the anime, and QB will appear in small circles accross the screen in time with the song. The gameplay would be familiar to anyone who’s played the Ouendan/EBA games on DS or the osu! PC game [based on the original DS games], with the QB character replacing the standard circles used in these original games. As only one song is playable, and there’s no way to change difficulty, you could say that this is more of a toy rather than an actual game. Once you finish the song, you’re presented with your score, rank and the option to share your new achievement with all your eagerly awaiting followers on twitter.

For what it is, QBeat plays fairly well; responsiveness is usually spot-on and it seems to handle multiple fingers on-screen just fine, but, I’ve noticed that the game lags a bit when several QBs are on screen, since each one is a 3D models rendered in real-time in each one. This could possibly be due to optimization problems when porting from the original iOS version, or because of compatibility problems with Honeycomb or Tegra.

Score [3.5/5] – A nice little game, but could be better


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