[First Impressions] – Deus Ex : Human Revolution

After a long wait, Deus Ex: Human Revolution is now out worldwide! So, in anticipation of it’s release, I jumped onto Steam as soon as the clock struck midnight, so that I could start playing straight away. As what seems to happen with a few AAA title releases on Steam, it didn’t unlock exactly at 00:00 and even after that, it took about 15-20 minutes to finish setting up, defragmenting files, installing more .Net and DirectX stuff, so, the time I was actually able to start playing was closer to 00:30. Luckily, I didn’t need to wake up early the following morning, so thought I’d try it out for an hour or two…

6:00pm – The sun is rising, the birds outside are starting to be obnoxiously loud with their usual early morning bird noises, and I am still on my PC, playing Deus Ex, oblivious of what time it is. I’m suprised that I played for 5 hours though, as it seems I’m still quite early on in the game. (I guess that’s just down to my play style and skill level). As it’s my first play through, I’ve mainly been aiming to look around for any alrernate routes/passages , any hidden areas, or any objects i can interact to find out more about different aspects of the story. This meant loging into every computer, looking behind every cardboard box/crate/bin and crawling through every air vent I’ve encountered thus far. While it may sound tedious, I’ve had fun exploring the different areas and reading up on the info I’ve found on computers, ebooks and other devices that decorate the offices, desks and rooms.

With Deus Ex: Human Revolution, you’re pretty much free to decide on how you want to play through the missions. If you’re the the type of person who likes to shoot first, ask questions later, can go in all guns blazing and mow down anyone who is unfortunate enough to cross your path. Or, if you prefer to play with a bit more strategy and effeciency, whilst remaining unseen by the enemy, you can focus on stealth and go for that route as well. You can also even choose on whether you want to use lethal force to dispatch enemies or non-lethal force to simply subdue them. When given this choice, I opted to try neutralizing all enemies in a non-lethal manner. This can be done in several ways, using a tranquilizer rifle, a stun gun, or using your takedown move to knock out an enemy when you’re close enough. After playing through the game a bit more, it seems that while it is somewhat harder to play through if you’re going the non-lethal route, it does reward you with your extra effort in the form of XP bonuses. It can also be rather interesting planning out how you’re going to infiltrate the next area, what guards you’ll need to engage and subdue and which ones you’ll have to sneak past in order to get through undetected.

From playing the game as an explorer, I’ve been able to find tonnes of extra information which ties into the story, giving you a deeper understanding on some of the background of this world. If you look hard enough, you can even find a few Easter eggs scattered around various points in the game such as references to films, games and even memes:

The paint disapproves of your actions…

Deus Ex: HR is a dream game for the completionist as there’s so much to do and so many different routes and paths you can explore. Hunting around for every thing will definitely keep you busy for more than a few hours.

I’m having a lot of fun playing through this game and I’ll be planning a completed write-up once I’ve finished.


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