I guess I’m probably a bit late on this, but I’ve finally gotten into Minecraft, the insanely popular construction/sandbox game which has sold over 3 million copies even though its still in beta! Somehow I managed to avoid it for the past year or so, but now the surprisingly addictive game has lured me in and I doubt I’ll be leaving anytime soon.

It started off as a small exploratory endeavour, to see what the fuss was about, and before I knew it, I was building my first house (literally a hole in the floor), fighting randomly spawning enemies (running away from creepers and zombies), and forming the landscape to suit my needs (using excessive amounts of TNT). I never thought a game with no apparent objective or endgame state could be so interesting.

Although, the current lack of in game objectives has caused me to spend a lot of time on building various projects in my online world, simply because I can and to keep myself busy while I’m in there. The fact that it’s playable in a browser also makes it much easier to just ‘accidentally’ slip into a session of Minecraft while I’m using the internet and then suddenly, 2 hours have passed because I decided I needed to add an extra station to my ever-expanding railway network.

At least with this I can turn time-wasting into something remotely productive.

Other than turning Minecraft into a rudimentary version of Railway Tycoon, I’ve also been working on an Aperture-esque underground Lab/Lair:

It still has quite a bit of work before I feel its completed…

As Minecraft is still in development and evolving at an amazing pace, new features are constantly being added to the game to give players new tools/items to use and change how certain things function. The next update, simply titled: The Adventure Update, seems to be the biggest yet, by adding new mobs (monsters/enemies), new items and even incorporating some RPG elements like NPC villages, a skill bar and a hunger meter. I’ll definitely be looking forward to the day when I can claim an NPC village as my own kingdom with its inhabitants as my loyal subjects (if that ever happens).

With the date for the full release of Minecraft being 11/11/11, I’ll most likely be playing Minecraft rather than Skyrim.

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