[Cypher]: Burst – 1st Day of progress

The 1st in-game screenshot from [Cypher]: BurstIt’s been difficult to stop procrastinating and start working on this project but I was able to somehow focus enough today to get some work done. I haven’t really done much yet since I’ve just re-started this project for the Ludum Dare October challenge, but I’ve begun by changing the camera perspective and adding a new camera follow script, then editing the code for the onyx’s animation and controls to better suit the 2D mode. Now I just need to refine this a bit and make some levels….

Ludum Dare October Challenge – [Cypher] : Burst

I’ve finally decided that I will enter the Ludum Dare October Challenge with the aim to make and complete a game and earn $1. That will probably end up being much harder than it sounds I believe…

So, for my entry, I plan to finally finish my pet project of about a year and a half, [Cypher] , and make a finished game of it. Here’s what work I’ve done on [Cypher] up to now:

For this challenge, I’ll be re-working my initial game design into a 2.5D (3D Models, 2D gameplay/perspective) action-platformer. I’m hoping this will enable me to design better levels for the game and actually be able to make an adequate number of different levels for the final release.