And now I’m a ‘photographer’ too!


Finally received my new cameras for the PlayStation Access design competition I won last month!

Hopefully I’ll be able to figure out how to use them properly. First I need to find something interesting to take photos of other than my Sonic statues…

2nd Assignment – Progress Report

For my 2nd uni assignment, I needed to model an existing item and composite it into a photo of the original item. Couldn’t think of anything interesting, so I chose to model a keyboard (and if time allows, a mouse & monitor)

And here’s what I’ve got so far…

Starting to make ‘some’ progress on the model, now I just need to find out how HDRI works…

Kingston Locker mini-review.

Last week, I got an interesting package in the mail. Kingston sent me a 4gb DataTraveller Locker to review, with the request that I try it out for a week and then publish my thoughts on it when i’ve finished.

Out of the packaging, the DataTraveler Locker is a fairly appealing usb flash drive. The actual flash drive is kept inside a metal cover, from which the flash drive swivels out for when it needs to be used.

The build quality is rather good, with the device feeling very sturdy and not seeming like it would break easily from something like a drop onto concrete (which has been how at least one of my previous flash drives met their demise).

As for the performance of the flash drive, it functions as any other usb flash drive would. You plug it in, wait for the computer to recognise it, then put your files on to it. When not using the security features built into the DT Locker, it seemed identical to using a standard usb drive, read/write speeds were fairly fast and consistent and didn’t experience any notable problems during day-to-day use.

The main selling point, the hardware encryption, was a simple feature to activate. All

that you need to do to access the encrypted data is to open the DT Encryptor program which comes on the drive. You won’t need to install any extra software to make this work as it’s already installed on the usb drive. You’ll then be asked to enter a password (or assign a password if you haven’t previously used this feature) to be able to access the secure area of the flash drive, where the encrypted data is stored. During my day-to-day use of the DT Locker, accessing files in the secure area of the drive did add a couple seconds to the time it would usually take me to access files on a flash drive, but I guess that could be overlooked since the drive keeps your data secure and the time it takes to unlock/lock the secure area isn’t really long enough to cause any inconveniences.



+ Looks and feels like a well made and sturdy flash drive

+ The hardware encryption seems to work rather well

– You’ll need to manually unlock the drive each time you connect it to a computer.



[Been a while since my last post, almost forgot I had a blog :p]

Thought I should probably try to make a new post before I go on holiday in a few hours (going Japan! :D). On the Japanese learning, I’m slowly working through season 1 on textfugu, mostly practising hiragana. Smart.FM has been quite useful too, although I’ve only been doing the Japanese colours drills on it so far…

Don’t really think there’s much to report on from these past couple weeks of inactivity. Went to a mini anime con yesterday which was mediocre at best, although, this was fairly interesting:

Mobile blogging test – Air Trek prototype


Ok, this post may not have that much to do with my Japanese learning progress, it’s pretty much a test for whether blogging from my mobile is feasible.
Was browsing through the android market and saw the WordPress app, so.I thought I may as well try it 🙂
Typing a blog post seems fine so far, not sure if I’ll ever get used to using touchscreen keyboards for typing any long paragraphs…
Maybe HTC should make their next flagship phone have a keyboard 🙂

Something else that I’ve been working on recently apart from Japanese, 3d modelling and laying about are my Air Trek prototypes. Air treks are basically motorized rollerblades from an anime called air gear. Look on YouTube for more info (haven’t found out how to embed YouTube videos from this app yet). So, I’ve recently been doing some early testing on my prototype, just to make sure the motor spins freely and to check for vibrations.

Prototype Specs Per Skate [Subject to Change]:

1500w Brushless motor [equivalent to 2hp apparently]

4 x 100mm Skate wheels

Chains + Sprockets

Other stuff… 🙂
Here’s a video of the motor running in the frame. (The top, shoe-like part of the rollerblade has been detached while I work on the motor and frame).
I plan to work on this over the coming months to produce a functional prototype. Hopefully, I can achieve speeds in excess of 15mph (according to figures I pulled from nowhere and reviewing similar scooter based projects)


After posting my previous ‘introduction’ post, i realized it wasn’t much of an introduction. So, here’s some info that was left out of the last post (probably due to fatigue or general laziness).

My name’s Josiah (As you can see in the header 🙂 ), 20 years old and i’ve recently finished a Game Technology degree. With a bit more free time to spare, I’m currently attempting to self-teach myself japanese as well as working on practising 3D modelling.

Can’t really think of anything else that’s worth saying at this point :p

Hopefully the next post here will display some progress i hope to make in learning Japanese. For now, since i have little else to show here, i’ll post one of my 3D models i made.

A Render of a 3D model I made a while ago of the MP4-23 formula 1 car

*I may change the name of this blog in a while, it’s already starting to seem really basic…

It begins….

Hello random people who may read this,

Thought i’d start a blog after pretty much being told to by this site , which I’m currently using to learn Japanese. I’ll be (semi) regularly updating this blog with my progress in learning Japanese. At the moment, i only really know how to read Hiragana, but I’m working on improving that and learning Katakana and some kanji as well. I’ll probably post some other stuff if it’s relevant to my interests or current projects.

May get bored of this eventually, but for now, I’ll see how it goes…