After posting my previous ‘introduction’ post, i realized it wasn’t much of an introduction. So, here’s some info that was left out of the last post (probably due to fatigue or general laziness).

My name’s Josiah (As you can see in the header 🙂 ), 20 years old and i’ve recently finished a Game Technology degree. With a bit more free time to spare, I’m currently attempting to self-teach myself japanese as well as working on practising 3D modelling.

Can’t really think of anything else that’s worth saying at this point :p

Hopefully the next post here will display some progress i hope to make in learning Japanese. For now, since i have little else to show here, i’ll post one of my 3D models i made.

A Render of a 3D model I made a while ago of the MP4-23 formula 1 car

*I may change the name of this blog in a while, it’s already starting to seem really basic…

It begins….

Hello random people who may read this,

Thought i’d start a blog after pretty much being told to by this site http://www.textfugu.com/ , which I’m currently using to learn Japanese. I’ll be (semi) regularly updating this blog with my progress in learning Japanese. At the moment, i only really know how to read Hiragana, but I’m working on improving that and learning Katakana and some kanji as well. I’ll probably post some other stuff if it’s relevant to my interests or current projects.

May get bored of this eventually, but for now, I’ll see how it goes…