Guess I’m officially a graphic designer now?…

Today, PlayStation Access officially announced the winner of the PlayStation Access cover star competition that I entered last month, and my design was chosen as the winner!

It was somewhat surprising that my design was chosen as it was in 9th place in terms of overall votes by the time the competition ended, but the panel of judges decided that my design best fulfilled the design brief. The design will now be featured on the cover of the next PlayStation Access magazine and also be available as a printed poster in the next Don’t Panic Pack. Hopefully I’ll be able to find one of each to keep them as examples of my first piece of design work to be printed on  a large scale.

In addition to having my work as the cover of the next PlayStation Access magazine, I’ll also be receiving a new PSVita, a Sony Alpha 77 camera and Sony NEX-7 camera. I think they’ll come in handy over the next few months.

Eurogamer Expo – The UK’s best gaming exhibition?

Here in the UK, there aren’t really many opportunities to attend full-on gaming exhibitions like E3,PAX, TGS or even Gamescom. Any gaming presence in an exhibition environment would usually be piggybacking off another convention, such as London/Manchester MCM expo, Hyper japan or London Film & Comic Con, and very few exhibitions or conventions dedicated entirely to gaming. The Eurogamer Expo started a few years ago and has gotten considerably larger each year. This year, it took place at Earl’s Court, a venue almost double the size of the previous Eurogamer Expo. After attending a few of the previous events, and visiting the Eurogamer Expo this weekend. I think that it may be the UK’s best gaming convention so far. Continue reading

[First Impressions] – Deus Ex : Human Revolution

After a long wait, Deus Ex: Human Revolution is now out worldwide! So, in anticipation of it’s release, I jumped onto Steam as soon as the clock struck midnight, so that I could start playing straight away. As what seems to happen with a few AAA title releases on Steam, it didn’t unlock exactly at 00:00 and even after that, it took about 15-20 minutes to finish setting up, defragmenting files, installing more .Net and DirectX stuff, so, the time I was actually able to start playing was closer to 00:30. Luckily, I didn’t need to wake up early the following morning, so thought I’d try it out for an hour or two… Continue reading