Mobile blogging test – Air Trek prototype


Ok, this post may not have that much to do with my Japanese learning progress, it’s pretty much a test for whether blogging from my mobile is feasible.
Was browsing through the android market and saw the WordPress app, so.I thought I may as well try it 🙂
Typing a blog post seems fine so far, not sure if I’ll ever get used to using touchscreen keyboards for typing any long paragraphs…
Maybe HTC should make their next flagship phone have a keyboard 🙂

Something else that I’ve been working on recently apart from Japanese, 3d modelling and laying about are my Air Trek prototypes. Air treks are basically motorized rollerblades from an anime called air gear. Look on YouTube for more info (haven’t found out how to embed YouTube videos from this app yet). So, I’ve recently been doing some early testing on my prototype, just to make sure the motor spins freely and to check for vibrations.

Prototype Specs Per Skate [Subject to Change]:

1500w Brushless motor [equivalent to 2hp apparently]

4 x 100mm Skate wheels

Chains + Sprockets

Other stuff… 🙂
Here’s a video of the motor running in the frame. (The top, shoe-like part of the rollerblade has been detached while I work on the motor and frame).
I plan to work on this over the coming months to produce a functional prototype. Hopefully, I can achieve speeds in excess of 15mph (according to figures I pulled from nowhere and reviewing similar scooter based projects)